How to Recognise Narcissistic Abuse in Altrincham & Eccles / Salford By Jamie Harrison

Recovery from narcissistic abuse can often be more painful and take longer than your average break up.

Not only are there many unanswered questions, there are much deeper self esteem and trust issues that result when breaking up with a narcissist in Altrincha, Eccles, the UK or indeed anywhere arond the world. My Name is Jamie Harrison and I o want to offer help and support to anybody who wants to reach out, free of charge and an ear which knows all too well how hard life can be when dealing with a Narcassist: 07986 847 060

We all need some small doses of healthy narcissism to prevent us from being doormats or chronic people pleasers. But what is narcissistic abuse?

Unfortunately for most co-dependants putting one self first does not come naturally. In an attempt to care, please and fix their beloved the co-dependant may initially completely ignore that their partner is not showing them the same level of consideration and depth of emotion. The result of narcissist abuse is that one ends up becoming remorseful and tends to suffer from low-self worth and anger.

A Narcissist is Hard to Detect

A Narcissist is hard to detect with many appearing to be very kind or charming on the surface, however, they may not always fit the notorious charismatic outgoing stereotype. If not charismatic, a narcissist maybe very likeable to begin with, or perhaps even shy making them very difficult to classify or expose, Jamie Harrison knows this all too well and is here to offer his help, support and guidance.

Those with narcissistic personality disorder can be identified as having an extreme sense of entitlement, a strong need for admiration and a complete lack of empathy, even to those they profess to love and care about. They may see you merely as an extension of themselves with the emphasis on what you can provide for them. A narcissist may treat you in a superficial way and not as a person with real feelings and needs. They have difficulties with intimacy, can be both discounting and unreliable leading to a deep sense of betrayal for their victim.

Honesty and humility are neither qualities a narcissist may behold, however, they also tend to be deeply wounded when it comes to any criticism or feedback. They often use gaslighting as a tactic to make you feel like you are the source of the problem, denying you the right to be upset, again, Jamie Harrison of Altrincham & Eccles support groups knows this all too well and can help you emotionally with such behaviour. It is for this reason that being in a relationship with a narcissist in Altrincham , Eccles or elsewhere in the UK can be extremely exasperating, overwhelming and soul-destroying. Complete personal empowerment is required for recovery from narcissistic abuse. Jamie Harrison is able to fast track your recovery from narcissistic abuse so you can get your self esteem and respect backā€¦ to become a fierce and resilient version of you.

Contact Jamie Harrison for Help with Narcissists in Altrincham or Eccles

If you feel you may be dealing with a Narcissist in Altrincha, Eccles or elsewhere in Salford / Manchester Jamie Harrison would like to offer his support. Call him, completely free of charge : 07986 847 060. He understands all too well what you are going through.

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